Child & Vulnerable Adults Policy

The policy aims to:
Demonstrate the School’s commitment to safeguarding all children and young people who use our services.


Provide information and support of staff, assistants and volunteers in relation to child protection.


Provide a clear and effective framework for staff, assistants and volunteers safeguarding children.


Provide clear procedures for reporting and recording suspicions, disclosures and allegations of abuse, including allegations against the School’s personnel.


The protection of the students at the School is paramount importance and we work to ensure that all staff are trained and experienced in the subjects they teach. We have an Incident Form.


Registers are kept of attendance at classes with emergency contact numbers.We carry first aid boxes with us and are qualified to administer.


We hold DBS certificates and specialist Dance Insurance including specific toddlers insurance. All our staff are qualified and attend continuous development courses.

Equal Opportunities Policy

All are welcome to the school from 2 years up, regardless of race or gender. And we encourage all our students to work together and to develop respect for others. We will make every effort to help every student to work towards their full potential throughout their time at the school, and encourage students to work independently and to develop their own individual skills. We take time to get to know pupils as individuals and aim to meet the needs of each individual, working in partnership with them and their families.


Exams are optional but very beneficial, they have Ucas points from Grade 1 up. The exams have age restrictions, a student is entered when they are ready and meet the exam criteria. Some students will be entered within a short space of time and others may take longer due to growth development and other factors.

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Miss Rebecca Marks


Devon Dance
6 Church House Close
Chudleigh Knighton
Devon, TQ13 0RD

Tel: 07877 747735

Class venues



Bovey Tracey Church Rooms TQ13 9HZ
Bradley Barton Primary School TQ12 1PR
Chudleigh Town Hall TQ13 0HL
Liverton Village Hall TQ12 6HW




Woolwell Community Centre PL6 7TR
Buckland Monachorum St. Andrew’s C. of E. Primary School PL20 7NA
Buckland Monachorum Village Hall PL20 7EQ
Buckland Chapel, Buckland Monachorum PL20 7NA

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